Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Big time lazy day...

It's safe to say that I am definitely feeling (almost) 8 months pregnant now!
I have been pregnant for 13 months now...and I am more than ready to finally meet my baby. 58 more days feels like 58 more years. Now, more than ever, time is craaawwwwwlllliiing by. Here's to hoping that it speeds up? 
I had a doctor appointment yesterday...one of the many I will be having now that we are nearing the end...and got some reasons for the not-so-great discomforts that I've been having. The newest, and most uncomfortable, development is that I have pregnancy induced arthritis in my hip. Arthritis is no joke! It keeps me up all night and hurts when I walk. Seriously, there have been nights that I stay awake crying because it aches so bad! Bad news is, there's nothing I can do about it. Good news is, it will go away once my little baby girl is out of my belly and in my arms.
Speaking of not sleeping...anyone else take Unisom or Benedryl while pregnant? They are on my "safe medications" list, and I really hate taking pills but I am getting 2-4 hours of sleep nightly and I think it might be necessary to function as a normal human being now. I mean really...it's 11:30 and I'm still in bed! Usually I'm up and out of the house by now, but I only slept for about 30 minutes last night so I have decided to have a lazy day and re-charge my batteries.
Anyways, I had been worried about the amount of braxton hicks that I've been having...so I brought it up to my wonderful OB and turns out they aren't even braxton hicks! Once he described what a braxton hicks usually feels like, I realized I haven't even had one of them! Too many contractions (even pretend ones) can be a sign of pre-term labor, so I was happy to hear that is not what is happening! Instead, the feeling I've been having is my stomach and upper colon swelling. I guess they are running out of room and baby's butt is pushed up against them, so everything is squished. Doctor says that is likely to get worse as the baby grows...unpleasant, but better than pre-term labor.
Some more good news is that baby seems to be more on track for growth now! She has always measured ahead...like way ahead...like 80th percentile ahead...so we were expecting an 8-9 pound baby. I would be very happy with any weight...as long as she is healthy! But we were a little worried that I might need a c-section if she got too big. Now we are measuring about a week ahead, instead of two, so doctor is thinking she will be closer to 7.5lbs now! That's exciting to me. "Normal" is always exciting! I never get tired of hearing things like "normal", "perfect", and "right on track". Man, I will never those words for granted again.
In other super exciting news...my first baby shower is on Saturday! I can't believe it is already shower time. I think that makes things more real. It's still hard to imagine that I will be someone's Mom after all of this...well someone other than my fur babies! Speaking of which, I'm starting to get nervous about juggling my fur babies and human baby all day long while hubs is at work. My pups are VERY needy and I love to spoil them with attention. I know, I'm totally setting myself up for nervous breakdowns. Eeeeek...but that's for another day!
Oh! Interesting fact of the day! I'm assuming that everyone watched The Bachelor? Did you see the girl with no arm? (I feel bad calling her that, but I don't remember her name! Sorry, girl with no arm...) Well, she explained that she lost her arm before birth due to amniotic band syndrome. Ohhhh how happy I am that I never googled that or even saw this episode months ago. I had amniotic band syndrome early on in this pregnancy. It is basically a piece of placenta that grows accross the uterus like a rubber band. I was told not to google it or listen to horror stories, because the doctor wasn't concerned that it would cause problems. And he was right! The band is gone now and baby has all of her limbs and fingers and toes...thank you, thank you, thank you! I think I was so numb to things for the first half of my pregnancy that I literally forgot about it and didn't care to research...which is totally unlike me! I just couldn't deal with more worry. But seeing that woman with no arm made me soooo thankful that my band resolved itself without hurting my baby. Perfect timing, because I needed that reminder as I get more and more uncomfortable. Perspective...it's all about perspective.
All this typing has made me a little bit tired...maybe, just maybe, I can take a nap? Well, that's not up to me...that's up to the little ninja in my belly. She has a lot of energy today...but it can't hurt to try, right?! 'Til next time, blog world...

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