Friday, March 23, 2012


I'm feeling a little bit anxious today. We have been waiting for some blood results for about a week and was really hoping to have them by today...but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen!
I'm sure it's gonna be another long weekend!

So intead of focusing on that, I'm focusing on the positive things that I can control! Like finally gaining a little weight and keeping it on!
So, you probably know that when people say they are "eating for two", that is kind of just a silly saying. Doctors typically tell pregnant women that they only need an extra 300 calories daily. Well, I always knew I needed more than that since I was a bit underweight to start...but I had no idea how much I really should be eating.

I have more than doubled my daily calorie intake and more than tripled my protein and iron. Of course, this isn't healthy for every pregnant woman...but some little babies need a bit of extra help growing and I am willing to try ANYTHING. I am eating so much that nothing tastes good anymore and I have to force every bite down. It's a full time job to remember to eat this often and remember which specific foods to eat at which time. Really, every member of my family makes sure I am eating at least once an hour!

I realize this doesn't sound like an awful fact, it probably sounds kind of cool...but it's not like I get to sit at home eating ice cream and taco bell all day. No way! I'm eating about 2,500 calories of pure healthy shit all day, every day. And as much as I complain daily...looks like it is working! :)

Four months!

Grow baby Finley, grow!!!!! :)

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